Today, we came across a new patent from Apple which details a new HMD headset. The patent is called “HEAD-MOUNTED DISPLAY DEVICE WITH VISION CORRECTION” and it was published by WIPO on November 22.

Apple HMD patent 2
Image Ownership: WIPO

The patent application which can be viewed here details an interesting headset that has both a display system and optical system.

Apple inventors have described the patented headset below:

A head-mounted display may include a display system and an optical system in a housing. The display system may have displays that produce images. Positioners may be used to move the displays relative to the eye positions of a user’s eyes. An adjustable optical system may include tunable lenses such as tunable cylindrical liquid crystal lenses. The displays may be viewed through the lenses when the user’s eyes are at the eye positions. A sensor may be incorporated into the head-mounted display to measure refractive errors in the user’s eyes. The sensor may include waveguides and volume holograms, and a camera for gathering light that has reflected from the retinas of the user’s eyes. Viewing comfort may be enhanced by adjusting display positions relative to the eye positions and/or by adjusting lens settings based on the content being presented on the display and/or measured refractive errors.

Apple HMD patent

Is Apple working on an advanced HMD headset? Only time will tell.


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