Windows 10 KB5031356 issues, update fails to install

Windows 10 KB5031356

Windows 10 KB5031356, the latest Patch Tuesday 2023 release, promised an enhanced user experience. However, this update is creating a buzz for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a comprehensive look at the Windows 10 KB5031356 update and known issues. Issues in Windows 10 KB5031356 update According to user reports on Reddit, Windows 10 KB5031356 is … Read more

Nvidia GeForce driver 536.09 issues: increased latency, screen flickering

Nvidia GeForce driver 536.09 issues

Nvidia recently launched the latest GeForce driver 536.09 for Windows 10 and 11, intended to bolster the performance of Nvidia’s sophisticated line of graphics cards. However, according to Reddit discussions, numerous users have reported several complications arising post-update, most notably increased latency and screen flickering. The new driver was designed to not only introduce new … Read more

Patent suggests Samsung is working on a stretchable battery for foldable phone

Samsung foldable

The new Samsung patent discovered by GeekLatest is called “STRETCHABLE BATTERY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME” and it was published by USPTO on 29th November. Summary Provided is a stretchable battery including a pouch, into which a metal barrier is inserted, and an electrode assembly, both having a wavy shape with peaks and valleys. … Read more

Microsoft’s next-gen Surface devices might come with improved audio jack


On November 27, the USPTO published a new patent called “Integrated audio jack housing” that shows Microsoft’s Surface device with improved audio jack technology. Microsoft’s patent background Often, the audio jack is generally accessible through an opening, or socket, in the casing, or housing, of the device. However, the housing of devices is often formed … Read more