Download Google Camera for Realme 3/3 Pro

Google Camera is generally considered as the best camera app to take the photos, thanks to the great software optimization by Google. Google Camera can be sideloaded onto a range of smartphones, including Realme 3/3 Pro.

Google’s Pixel phones are known for having an amazing camera and it is mainly because of the software optimizations. The camera department on the Pixel phone is an impressive piece of works and Google Camera app is what that gives the Pixel its incredible dynamic performance.

Google Camera offers the incredible photo processing power, HDR+ and more on Pixel phones. Fortunately, you can experience the same camera features on your Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro handsets.

You can download Google Camera for Realme 3/3 Pro and almost all software-based features are working as expected.

In this guide, we walk you through steps to download and install Google Camera on Realme 3/3Pro.

Download Google Camera for Realme 3/3 Pro

To download and install Google Camera on Realme 3 and 3 Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Download and save Google Camera APK from here.
  2. Open Settings > Additional Settings > Device & Privacy
  3. Click on ‘Unknown Source Installation’ and allow Chrome.
  4. Open Google Camera APK and finish the installation.
  5. Launch Google Camera and allow permissions.

Once you complete the steps, you will be able to use the new camera app on your Realme smartphone. Do take note that Google Camera will not be associated with your Google Play Store account and you will have to manually update the app when a new version is available.

About Google Camera

Google Camera offers HDR+, Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, Portrait Mode, Top Shot and several other features. The best functionality of Gcam is HDR+, as it takes multiple shots at varying exposure level and combines them into one final photo. It allows the smartphone to gather more data of your surroundings and produce an incredible result with better highlights and shadows.

The feature runs in the background and you don’t even have to configure it. In HDR photography, the algorithm adjusts the background by playing with different frames and algorithm.

For instance, if you capture a portrait of someone in a condition where the background has been blown out due to front-facing light and HDR is enabled, it will balance different frames together to produce a decent output.

Another most discussed feature is Night Sight and it also works on Realme. You can use Night Sight to capture objects in the background with almost no light. In theory, Night Sight allows the smartphone to take several shots at longer exposures to produce bright photos

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