Horimiya Episode 4 English Dub Release Date

Every week, Funimation announces a whole slate of release dates for its on-air anime, including Horimiya. Unfortunately, due to the cyclone in Texas, the release date of Horimiya episode 4 English dub has been delayed to March 7 (Saturday).

So far, Funimation has dubbed three episodes of Horimiya and episode 3 premiered on February 20. Due to the pandemic and cyclone in the United States, there is no set schedule for dub releases and Horimiya dub was not announced for February 27.

In other words, you should not expect a new episode or a weekly release of Horimiya unless its stated by Funimation on their Twitter page.

When is the Horimiya episode 4 English dub release date ?

The confirmed release date of Horimiya episode 4 English dub is March 7, 2021.

Horimiya episode 4 English dub premiere time:

  • 11:00 AM CST/CDT (March 7)
  • 9:30 AM PT (March 7)
  • 12:00 PM EST/EDT (March 7)
  • 5:00 PM GMT (March 7)
  • 10:30 PM IST (March 7)

While the episode 4 dub has been confirmed, we don’t know for sure when the fifth episode of the anime will air.

Horimiya English Dub Delay Explained

Given the horrible conditions with Texas’s weather and pandemic restrictions, Funimation English voice actors are working from home and they’re still trying to catch up with the internal schedule.

It’s worth noting that other shows are also affected. For instance, Funimation has cancelled the premiere of Attack on Titan episode 9 dub.

Horimiya story so far (spoiler-free)

In the last episode, Horimiya focused on Miyamura’s underlying emotions for his friends and whether they truly like him, or are simply enduring him.

Horimiya Episode 4 English Dub

The best part of the show so far is its ability to show the struggles of Miyamura and Hori, which truly makes them relatable. At the same time, the developing friendship between Ishikawa and Miyamura is also a treat to watch.


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