Samsung foldable

Patent suggests Samsung is working on a stretchable battery for foldable phone

The new Samsung patent discovered by GeekLatest is called "STRETCHABLE BATTERY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME" and it was published by USPTO on...

Microsoft’s next-gen Surface devices might come with improved audio jack

On November 27, the USPTO published a new patent called "Integrated audio jack housing" that shows Microsoft's Surface device with improved audio jack technology. Microsoft's...

Apple’s new patent shows off HMD headset with display and optical systems

Today, we came across a new patent from Apple which details a new HMD headset. The patent is called “HEAD-MOUNTED DISPLAY DEVICE WITH VISION...

Windows 10 October 2018 Update blocked on Intel PCs

Microsoft is updating its support document regularly to acknowledge new problems in Windows 10 October 2018 Update. On November 22, the company updated its...

Microsoft has a patent showing off a Xbox Controller with removable objects

The USPTO has published a patented named "Game controller with removable controller accessory" which details a modular game controller for Xbox One that can be...

How to stream Steam games to Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One marketplace is pretty huge and here's how you can run Steam games on the console.
Samsung foldable phone

Samsung’s latest patent shows off improved foldable phone design

Samsung might be working on an advanced smartphone with two displays, a hinge and better experience than the Galaxy F.
Google Chrome

Chrome’s Self Share feature is Google’s Continue on PC solution

Google is developing a new feature for Chrome browser that would allow you to send web pages from mobile to PC and apparently vice versa.
Google app in Store for Windows 10

Developer tricks Microsoft, publishes app under Google LLC name in Windows Store

It looks like someone has managed to trick Microsoft's certification as a developer has published an app "Album by Google Photos" under Google LLC name in the Windows Store (Microsoft Store).

Some Android phones are getting internal November 2018 security update

According to numerous reports that we have come across, Google Pixel phones and Essential PH-1 are receiving internal November 2018 security update.