Apple’s new patent shows off HMD headset with display and optical systems

Today, we came across a new patent from Apple which details a new HMD headset. The patent is called “HEAD-MOUNTED DISPLAY DEVICE WITH VISION CORRECTION” and it was published by WIPO on November 22. The patent application which can be viewed here details an interesting headset that has both a display system and optical system. Apple inventors … Read more

Windows 10 October 2018 Update blocked on Intel PCs


Microsoft is updating its support document regularly to acknowledge new problems in Windows 10 October 2018 Update. On November 22, the company updated its support document to announce Intel driver compatibility issues with the operating system. Microsoft has identified issues with Intel display driver versions, to OEMs that accidentally turned on unsupported features … Read more

Microsoft has a patent showing off a Xbox Controller with removable objects

The USPTO has published a patented named “Game controller with removable controller accessory” which details a modular game controller for Xbox One that can be customized by replacing its objects like keys. You can find the patent application here and the application is detailed below: A user input control device, such as a game controller may … Read more