Google accidentally released an update that is not supposed to arrive on consumers smartphone. According to numerous reports that we have come across, Google Pixel phones and Essential PH-1 are receiving internal November 2018 security update.

“First Post here. Today I woke up to what looks like an internal dogfood build for the November 2018 security patch, came up as a normal OTA and installed as normal, anyone else got this,” a Reddit user writes.

A little bit digging by us revealed that this security update is nothing more than simple patch and are there no new features, notification changes or improvements.

Google patch

“CONFIDENTIAL INTERNAL ONLY — This is a confidential Googlers-only OTA to update your devices to Android 9 with November 2018 security patches. You may use your device normally but do not discuss or comment on this update externally. Send feedback to android-dogfood-discuss@. see go/release-faqs for more info,” the description of the update.

Another Reddit user reports that they have received the internal November 2018 security update on Essential PH-1 and there are no noticeable changes.


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