Windows 10 KB5031356 issues, update fails to install

Windows 10 KB5031356, the latest Patch Tuesday 2023 release, promised an enhanced user experience. However, this update is creating a buzz for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a comprehensive look at the Windows 10 KB5031356 update and known issues.

Issues in Windows 10 KB5031356 update

According to user reports on Reddit, Windows 10 KB5031356 is plagued with the following issues:

  1. Icon Anomalies: Many users were shocked that their desktop icons had vanished after updating to Windows 10 KB5031356. While the labels held their ground, the corresponding icons were notably absent, leaving many perplexed.
    Windows 10 KB5031356 issue
  2. Stalled Installations: Perhaps one of the most widely reported issues was the Windows 10 KB5031356 update’s inability to progress beyond a certain point. A substantial chunk of users said the update process plateaued at around 20%, causing understandable frustration.
  3. The return of the search bar: For users who had previously disabled certain features like the search bar, Windows 10 KB5031356 brought an unsolicited revival. Such involuntary alterations, even though seemingly minor, impact the user experience, making many feel they’re not entirely in control of their device settings.
  4. Device-Specific Issues: Delving deeper, specific devices like the HP EliteBook 840 G3 exhibited pronounced problems with the Windows 10 KB5031356 update. A glaring issue was the inordinate delay in the update process, with some devices showcasing a mere 20% progress after an excruciating two-hour wait.
  5. Unexplained Behaviours: Apart from these, users reported sporadic fan activity, unresponsive shutdown and restart buttons, and even the dreaded blue screen of death. The latter was particularly concerning, locking devices in a repetitive loop, proving problematic for users unfamiliar with technical troubleshooting.

The Windows 10 KB5031356 update was published as part of the October 2023 Patch Tuesday 2023 schedule, and it comes with a slew of fresh features and enhancements.

Notably, this update reintroduces a refined search box experience on the taskbar, making it accessible irrespective of its position or icon size. Users can now swiftly access applications, files, and settings from their devices and online. This revamped feature further offers the most recent search updates, including search highlights.

For those nostalgic about the previous search experience, the transition back is hassle-free either through a taskbar shortcut menu or by simply responding to a prompted dialogue when using the search function.

Unfortunately, as highlighted above, the Windows 10 October 2023 Update has caused many problems, including connectivity issues. One user mentioned a glitch with their USB-WLAN, marked with an exclamation point in the Device Manager post-update, prohibiting Windows Update from downloading or reinstalling the correct WLAN drivers.

Microsoft confirms issues in Windows 10 October 2023 update

In response to the mounting issues, Microsoft acknowledged the installation challenges in a recent support document, especially with the notorious 0x8007000d errors.

They stated, “Devices might initially display progress but fail to complete installation.” They further elaborated that one of the predominant errors detected is Error 8007000D (ERROR_INVALID_DATA), which users can spot under the Windows Update section within the System settings by opting for ‘Update History’.

Unfortunately, Microsoft not aware of any workarounds to resolve issues, so it would be a better idea to pause the updates for a while.

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