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Microsoft patent describes Surface devices improved audio jack

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On November 27, the USPTO published a new patent called "Integrated audio jack housing" that shows Microsoft's Surface device with improved audio jack technology.

Excerpt from the patent:

Technologies are described for an audio jack housing configured to concentrically align with an opening in a chassis of a computing device and to accept a plug associated with external audio components. When the housing is aligned with the opening, a snout of the audio jack housing abuts an interior surface of the opening and does not protrude into the opening. The chassis where the opening is located may be constructed from a plastic material to reduce a risk of shorting-out when a metal plug is inserted into the housing. The chassis may include alignment features to concentrically align the audio jack housing with the opening during assembly, such that interior edges of the opening and interior edges of the snout are flush creating a smooth interior entry into the audio jack housing through the opening and the snout.


Thoughts? With Microsoft too busy with Windows 11 and Snapdragon, this may not happen ig.. and Panos is gone too.

Posted : 27/04/2024 6:34 pm