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How to root Razer Phone 2 using your Windows PC

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Do you still own a Razer Phone 2 like me, and want to put it to use before dumping it? In this forum post, I'll explain the easy process to root Razer Phone 2 using Windows 11:

  1. On your phone, you can enable developer mode by navigating to Settings > System > About Phone and simply tap the listed build number about 10 times. To enable USB debugging, again go to Settings > System > Developer Options and tick USB debugging.
  2. Download USB drivers from here.
  3. Download SDK from here.
  4. Extract the content of the downloaded “” file to C:\adb.
  5. After extracting, open the folder, press the SHIFT key and right-click. You would need to select “Open command window here”. It could also appear as “Open PowerShell window here”.
  6. Connect the phone to PC.
    Device Manager
  7. USB debugging should pop-up in the notifications.
  8. Open "Device manager" find your phone in the list.
    Update Driver
  9. Right-click and select "Update driver".
  10. Select browse my computer then "Let me pick.."
  11. You may need to select 'Show All Devices' option and tap press Have Disk to point it to %PATH.
  12. Select the options, then press Next to Finish the process going through the dialogs.
  13. In Command Prompt, navigate to %PATH\platform-tools.
  14. You can confirm the installation by running the fastboot devices command. You may see your device's serial number if the process was performed as outlined.
  15. You would need to download the factory image from here.
  16. Extract the content and copy the boot.img file to the phone.
  17. Download and install Magisk Manager from here on your internal storage. Remove the SD card to avoid installation on it.
  18. In the app, tap install, tap the option select 'Patch Boot Image File' and select the boot.img.
  19. Again connect your Razer Phone and copy the new patched_boot.img to your PC.
  20. Disconnect the device and boot phone into fastboot mode by holding the Power button + Volume Down Keys for a little while.
  21. Finally, reconnect the phone and PC to flash the patched_boot.img to your device via fastboot
  22. Open Powershell Window and run the following command:
    fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
  1. You are now supposed to turn on Android Debugging and simply the following command again:
    adb shell getprop ro.boot.slot_suffix
  2. Note the output of the command and reboot back into bootloader.
  3. If the output which you noted in step 10 was _a, run the following command:
  4. fastboot flash boot_a patched_boot.img
  5. Otherwise for _b output, run the following command:
  6. fastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img
  7. Reboot the device and open Magisk Manager to confirm that the patched boot image was installed successfully.
  8. The phone may see a new OTA update that you have to apply in order to continue using the device.

Done, your Razer Phone 2 is now rooted!

Posted : 27/04/2024 6:22 pm
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